Our ESG Approach

At DragonCor, we believe that value can be created and scaled through responsible ways of decision making, operation and engagement. Our ESG strategy aligns with its commitment to be a positive contributor to people, communities, stakeholders, and the environment. Our purposes and values guide our commitments, decisions and actions. Sustainability practices underline our operations and are integrated into our organisational culture, stakeholder engagement, governance and processes.

DragonCor’s ESG Priorities

ESG is a priority at DragonCor, embedded in everything we do. We address E/S/G at corporate level and extend the positive impacts to our assets, our partners and the communities where we operate. That enables us to make contributions towards a broader sustainability vision for industry, ecosystem and society.

ESG Policies

We do this by:

Supporting communities to be stronger;
Caring for customers through trusted relationships;
Creating a great place to work for all our employees;
Protecting and enhancing the environment;
Delivering a sustainable return to investors; and
Innovating in partnership with suppliers.

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ESG Updates
DragonCor is committed to making sustainability a core component of our business in order to build a better future. Our initiatives are designed to support our progress in developing ESG commitments and further integrating sustainability into our business operations.
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DragonCor Issues First 3-year Roadmap to Accelerate ESG Transformation
At DragonCor, we consider ESG to be our corporate obligation and are committed to do our part in building a more sustainable and resilient future. To fully implement principles of sustainable development, DragonCor leverages its solid experience in the sustainability field and the advanced insights gained as an industry leader. Guided by the Blackstone Global ESG Framework, tailored and localized sustainability strategy has been developed for DragonCor in consideration of national policies and industry dynamics. The issuance of DragonCor’s first ever ESG roadmap signifies the determination to incorporate ESG strategy into our business.

ESG Publications

Our ESG performance forms part of our broader performance, and our ESG report has been prepared in accordance with international and local ESG principles. It shows how we create value by making business decisions that are environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial and socially responsible.